The Gateway to the Metaverse is in Kaisermühlen, Vienna

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Virtual meeting rooms, unique showrooms, or innovative (educational) programmes, we passionately accompany companies and institutions into digitalisation, Web3, virtual reality and the metaverse.

In cooporation with a local and worldwide network of XR and Software developers, we have been crafting unique scalable projects in the software and metaverse sector for years.

Individual XR Use Cases

We offer development and individual project support from the idea through conception and developement to the implementation of your XR Projects of your campaign. Together, we develop strategies and solutions for the lucrative use of XR technologies in your business.

XR Content Creation

Using high-definition VR180 videos, 360° videos and photography, 3D modelling, photogrammetry and 3D animations, we are filling the Metaverse with colour and life. Our team in Vienna, Austria and an international network of digital artists produce scalable XR content.

Intraverse Licensed Distribution

Since 2018, ViARsys has been a general distributor of an innovative XR Engine, which allows the real-time, collaborative and efficent development of XR content. In this way, we support our partners and customers to create commercially viable metaverse use cases themselves and to design, develop and operate them using peer-to-peer technology, locally, on-premise or via cloudhosting.

Workshops & Know-how Transfers

Individual consulting and workshops enable companies, institutions and individuals to create their own applications and projects in a simple and efficent way.


Video examples of selected use cases

immersive media

360° Videos

360 Degrees Video showcase of custom XR Content in realtime, without rendering.


Innovation Talk with Konrad Gill

16. March 2022

4GAMECHANGERS 2023 – Exploring Metaverse Development (partially in German)

15. May 2023

media presence

Selected media contributions (In German)



Revolution Metaverse 

31. March 2023 Puls24

VR Glasses against fear

12. Oct. 2022

4gamechangers 2022 – Metaverse TV Discussion

13. Jul. 2022

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